Software Quality Assurance Testing Services Appstan

We work to ensure bug-free, user-friendly, software is delivered to you that meets all your business requirements. We have a team of expert QA engineers that have decades of experience in high-quality software and app testing.

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Full Life Cycle Software Software Testing

We deliver full life cycle software QA services that cover all stages of the product development process, along with the advanced ones such as mobile testing, internationalization (localization) testing, exploratory testing, game and desktop app testing, and usability testing. We do it on the level of a highly specialized software testing company.

Dedicated testing Team Outsourcing

We have highly-skilled QA engineers allowing you to outsource your testing job at a reasonable cost. The dedicated QA team consists of experienced and certified QA engineers who have successfully tested over 100 projects in different industries. With a reputation as highly devoted and diligent specialists, they will test every single element of your software to make sure it runs flawlessly.

The Kind Of Testing Services We Provide

  • Regression Testing
  • Cross Browser
  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Mobile Adaptation Testing
  • Installation Testing
  • Documentation Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Graphical User Interface Testing
  • Localization Testing

How We Work to Provide You With Best QA Services

In a nutshell, the procedure of QA testing services that Appstan provides are described with the help of this simple model: QA specialists, who are recruited on customer requirements and document analysis, define the methodology and approach testing. After this step, they initiate an actionable plan, form testable use cases, and make a comprehensive checklist. Then they proceed to the process of testing, which results in a report.