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Cloud Application
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2020 reveals that multi-cloud solutions and cloud adoption is the dominant strategy. Many enterprises are mixing multiple public and multiple private clouds due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This  drives organizations to spend even higher oncloud spend, optimizing the existing use of cloud to achieve continuous integration and development (CI/CD) process successfully.

Apptan offers Managed Cloud Services that fulfill different purposes for Business Agility and scalability.  Our staff  is highly expertise and experienced across different infrastructures. We help business  to gain operational capability and enhance cost optimization with scalability. Our services range from  system upgradse and maintenance to cloud migrations and development cloud solutions.  We help organizations in reducing complications involved in recruiting and training personnel. We focus to deliver the best and accurate Cloud solutions to with atmost quantity and quality flexibile enough to support IT resources for business continuity.

Cloud Solutions we support

Cloud Apps

Enchance automation by combining DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Microservices, and Containers in your software development process. Manage private, public and Hybric cloud with the scalability to velocity, high performance, and flexibility

Cloud Migration

Aa a company, running your operations using on-premises computing might have already seen drawbacks. It’s time for you to be able to grow without being dragged down by outdated and under-utilized resources at scale with elasticity.

Cloud Integration

Synchronize your data processed, transported and/or transformed between different repositories. Also, Connect various applications for smooth interoperability functionality within your organization.  

Cloud Analytics

When your business is rapidly changing, why not get a near real time data analytics. Cloud analytics allows you to make decisions faster and more accurately. We help you build a culture of data discovery through sharing and collaboration of data among departments.

AI/ML, IoT & RPA on Cloud

Everyday conversation of business and functional leaders of the most Progressive. Digital innovation will bring challenges. Don’t immerse yourself in the daunting task ofstreamlining and connecting data from different applications. 

DevOps on Cloud

Give a developer-operations friendly environment to process data and functional transactions. With DevOps on cloud , you gain ultimate automation with high security. It’s architecture-as-code reduces cloud complexity and system maintenance. 

Appstan can help you build cloud applications and solutions to handle your overnight to the work-at-home explosions making you ready for intensified by COVID-19 kind of attacks . We understand the optimizing the primary four key metrics leads to tremendous performance.  Hence we work on

  • Lead time for changes –>   
  • Deployment frequency –> how often you kick off a workflow 
  • MTTR –> the time it takes to get from red to green
  • Change fail percentage –> workflow failure rate

We can help in optimizing cloud applications to improve platform efficiencies, enhance operational flexibility and business scalability. We have the potential to elevate  your businesses to the next level. The Cloud Solutions we built allows you to meet your future needs and dynamically scale cloud solutions as per their requirements. We help you in building cloud solutions from scratch and faciliate the migration and maintenance of existing applications to cloud platforms. Some of the  cloud solutions we offer are:

  • CMS on cloud Development
  • Extensions Customizations & 3rd Party Integration
  • Cloud Framework Development
  • Cloud Operations Maintanance
  • Cloud Soluitons Development
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management

Appstan for cloud soluitons

It’s high time to migrate your applications on to the cloud solutions. And if you are already on the cloud, then you need to find ways to optimize it.  We reduce  the product-development downtime with continuous integration and development software process using Agile methodology. Apptan can be your first option for cloud sloutions. Check out the state of cloud adoption for 2020-21