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About Appstan

As a software development company, we design and develope web & mobile solutions for the complex needs of the Software management industry.

Our honest communications among the both internal teams and with our client representatives ensures that you get updations about the software development project. With  us, you will have access to project managers, business analysts, QA specialists, and software executives whose only focus is the successful  delivering of your software solution just as you wanted.

Accelerating the business towards the era of digital revolution acheiving agility and scalability.

Organizations are implementing digital transformation to focus on customer experiences and operational efficiencies.

As per the recent Forrester, only China, India, and Indonesia will see tech market growth of 5% or more in 2020. There is a sense of emergency to invest on cloud applications which are self-reliable due to COVID 19. Thus adopting customized solutions that run on cloud for handling information and workforce. Enterprises are looking at options for business continuity. They are looking for solutions that support infrastructure, custom software solutions and application management. Tech spends will be more on IT consulting services and IT firms for the above requirements.

Our company is a collection of amazing people striving to build delightful Software products.

Our best IT experts ensure the software development & delivery  is reliable and scalable. With the continuous technological innovations we  adopt continously leading  a sucessful new digital workforce delivering the projects just right as imagined and meeting the deadlines just right on time.

Our Methods & Process

Define process and future plans

We begin with knowing about your short and long-term desires on the software solution. We work with individual departments to gather the solution needs. Our requirement gathering process defines the core understanding about custom software solutions.

Project Management from Day1

Our certified Scrum team defines a checklist to ensure the software is par with a statement of scope. The software development action plan defines who begins what and when. The documentation helps users aren't left with blanks.

Indiividual approach

Enterprises are re-imagining the way they operate. We spend every hour understanding your requirements and problems. Our individual meetups will benefit you with true value to the money spent at every single stage.

Certified IT Experts

Appstan has certified, gighly talented and expereinced techgigs who are go-getters. Their industry experience and technology stack helps in forecasting the issues and identifying solutions before they actually occur